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When I lived in #Bucaramanga #Colombia this wonderful Merlin would visit the tree across from my balcony to eat it’s breakfast right at the same time I would eat mine. I was going thru a rough patch at that moment and for some reason watching that bird would make me feel more connected to the world. I guess you know you are a bird nerd when you find a sense of connectivity and wonder sitting by yourself watching one bird eat another. #birding #audubon

Last Saturday I was part of an outing for beginning birdwatchers that I’d help set up, and at the end of the outing we were down by the mouth of Carpinteria Creek. I was looking through my binoculars at a group of about 30 Brewer’s Blackbirds across the creek from me when I suddenly realized that in my field of view a falcon was coming straight toward them (and straight toward me).

It was a Merlin. There was an explosion of blackbirds and the Merlin chased them around and through the bushes and at one point there was a very loud squawking, but I don’t think it caught anything because after a few seconds it flew out and banked over the creek and continued on its way.

It was quite a show! :-)

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