The Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye


Hey ya’ll! I’ve come back from the dead to tell ya’ll that you should pledge to the Tin Can Brothers new kickstarter! It is about a headstrong podcast host named Artemis and her twin brother Paul going to the small mining town of Connor Creek thinking it is just a usual fluff piece when really the small town has a dark and surprising secret: Werewolves! It is going to be 10 episodes long and will have an accompanying podcast, but it is only going to become that if they reach their goal of $100,000! Tin Can Brothers is a comedy sketch group featuring Joey Richter, Brian Rosenthal, and Corey Lubowich, if you guys didn’t know! A good deal of the Poe Party cast are part of it too: Mary Kate Wiles(Artemis), Sinead Persuad, Clayton Snyder, and a few more (I’m sure) when they are revealed are going to be in it! It will be SO COOL if this project happened, and even if you can’t give money I encourage you to share this around and get it more traction!

Here’s the teaser scene to give you an idea. Somehow I’d missed it until now.

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