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So… I came out on twitter via meme.

@biafandmentallyill said: Proud of you friend <3
@sylvia-morris said: rae this is the best I love you
@quidhitch said: this is so cute!! nice!!
@rinna-girl5 said: So proud of you! Hope I can be this brave soon :)

Thanks, friends! Honestly, I’ve been dropping hints on Twitter for the last few months so it probably surprised no one. I pinned the tweet too, no point hiding it now. It’s not Facebook levels of brave (I’m still working my way there) but it’s something…

Also, not only is this a meme but this is also me being very petty because of some vaguely biphobic bullshit I saw online the other day so… what a perfect way for me to come out – memes and pettiness.

(and hey, if you think you might be the person who put the biphobic bullshit in my path – sorry for airing my feelings on the Internet before talking to you about it. I’ve been working up the nerve for that conversation.)

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