Say yes.


I guess this is still a story best suited for Tumblr. (TinyLetter, when will you learn how to handle an image embed?)

Here goes:

I’ve written about this night before.

We didn’t go on a proper date until seven months later, after she came to another party. We were always having parties in those days. In fact, the reason we had that party on June 30, 2007, 10 years ago today, was because our friend Annie needed a place to throw herself a birthday. And because gmail is forever, here’s proof:

You never know what you are saying yes to. Say yes. Say it as much as your tender heart can bear. Yes to opening your doors to anyone who needs it, for whatever reason. Yes to loving something or someone supposedly silly and trivial so much that you hang a symbol of it on your wall. Yes to what you believe in and would fight for. Yes to who you want to be even if you’re still figuring out what that means.  

Say yes. Say it’s mine. Say I fucking love you. Say I do. Say forever and mean it even if the rest of this goddamned world is on fire. Say every anniversary matters. Say it to each other and anyone else who will listen. 

We write our own stories. We’re still writing this one.

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