this is totally random but hooooooow do you have commas in your tags?

AHA, yes, that is a neat trick, isn’t it, and actually my method is “i don’t know but it works.” basically back when livejournal wasn’t a barren wasteland, i saw people using faux commas in their icon keywords. i don’t know what manner of symbol it is, exactly, and i had no idea how to make it other than to copy + paste it. so i, uh, go to my lj usericons page and copy it from the keywords in that jim/bones icon and then paste it into the tag i’m writing.


what is it, i don’t know, it looks like a comma, but it’s magic instead.

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Tags: fun fact: mangling text is my first and in some ways still, my only real programming skill, turns out that at least during the rise of the net, that was enough to get you a comfortable career, as a programmer, so‚ in conclusion‚ long live copy-and-paste.

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