“Elizabeth sits at the side of the dance-floor. She looks at Mrs Bennet dancing in outrageous…”

Elizabeth sits at the side of the dance-floor. She looks at Mrs Bennet dancing in outrageous fashion. Cut to later: Lydia is getting more and more leery with a group of soldiers, Elizabeth walks away in embarrassment only to see Mr Collins smiling at her from across the room. Cut to: Elizabeth dancing joylessly with the excruciating Mr Collins, as she turns in the dance she sees Darcy look on with obvious disdain. Cut to: much later, the band are exhausted, guests are leaving. The staff are asleep on their feet. Elizabeth almost alone watching her parents dancing almost the only people left on the dance floor, Kitty is asleep over Elizabeth’s lap. This is a never- ending nightmare…

Day light creeps through the curtains. Mrs Bennet is sprawled on a sofa. Lydia completely drunk. Kitty asleep. Jane sitting demurely. Collins looking longingly at Elizabeth. Mrs Bennet is holding court, whilst the footmen behind are literally ready to drop. Bingley is standing, the perfect host, but obviously willing the Bennets to leave.

from Deborah Moggach’s 2005 P&P screenplay 

everything about this is perfect. 

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Tags: I know people who dislike this adaptation, and I like those people anyway, but I thought the 2005 adaptation did a great job, of answering the question, why would you adapt something again, when it was already adapted perfectly?, a: b/c it turns out there's more than one kind of perfection.

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