Who should you fight Part 4: Webseries World





@marykatewiles : actually the sweetest human. Why would you fight? You monster…
@seanpersaud : fight alone and while not in character as E. Poe. Avoid ravens.
@sineadpersaud : sure, why not? Only a 99.99% you’ll end up in a full body cast, but your choice.
Hartgracesarah: you’d be best off having her on your side
@unacaritafeliz : can kill you with sarcasm alone if she tried. Math nerd. You can fight and probably win but beware her knowledge of mathematics to gain a playing advantage over you. Also an Aussie.
@tawnypixie : does all the production things. Of everyone in this list, you really don’t wanna fight her.
@orangepenguino : also a production side person. Often teams up with tawnypixie in which case you should run
@microbrien : just don’t fight; this dude just wants to chill haven’t seen him around lately though…
@erinwert : is a nurse. can kill you and literally no one would know. You’ll win the battle but not the war.
@lies : really?

I’m not sure I’m worthy enough to be on here, but I’m guaranteed the easiest person to fight. Like I say “fight me” a lot but, like, you’d definitely win if you did.

You should def. fight me. You’ll win every time.

I have been in exactly one physical fistfight (where I was arguably the instigator, and fought back when punches started flying). It was in 1976. My opponent was a 7th grader named Rob; I was the lofty 8th grader. We were playing flag football at P.E. and I was blocking him (or he was blocking me; don’t remember) and we just kept going and escalated after the play ended.

For the record: I immediately lost.

If John and I fight each other we have would probably both lose, somehow.

I think the fight would instantly devolve into mutual compliments, tea, and cookies. In which case we could both claim to have lost, but honestly, we’d both know we’d actually won.

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