gael-garcia: “One of my favorite things that I think we added…


One of my favorite things that I think we added and I think sort of speaks to who Juan is— is he’s on the block, and he’s asking Terence about his mother. And you might not have caught it, but he says she’s in my prayers between blow and smoke. And I think that speaks to that situation and that circumstance. It’s somebody who’s on the corner selling drugs, who is a general and this is his lieutenant, but he’s checking on the brother’s mom and just letting him know – I think the audience then knows that oh, wow, this man has a relationship with a higher power in some capacity. And we would never give that person that kind of credit as we drive past them on the street, very quickly, with our doors locked.Mahershala Ali

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Tags: just because, I love this movie more the more I watch it, thinking of taking it in the oscar party contest, winning isn't the only thing, or even the most important thing, sometimes it's who or what you choose to care about, in the space between the calculations, and I'm not ragging on the dance-ish faux musical homage, b/c that's a sweet thing that I love too, but it's like, it's a medium-sized movie pretending to be a big movie, that ends up feeling small, while this is a small movie that knows it's a small movie, but inside that space, contains everything.

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