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It’s a detour.

I was just gonna reblog this without commentary for its inherent badassery, but…

There is a lot of direct gaze in Fury Road–characters looking directly into the camera lens so that they appear to be looking at you, the audience member. This is a stylistic choice that lots of filmmakers avoid because it breaks the fourth wall and can be unexpectedly jarring or challenging to the audience, but in Fury Road it’s used sparingly to create a very striking effect. It’s almost always (always? quick someone rewatch the entire movie for me) Furiosa who’s looking at us in this way.

This is the first direct gaze shot in the movie, so it really jumps out at us, and it’s cool and striking on its own. But when we cut to the next shot, we see what Furiosa was looking at when it seemed like she was looking at us:

She’s looking at the Citadel in the rearview mirror–her prison, the stronghold of her enemy. So that look of…contempt? cold disdain?…whatever expression you think she has on her face, is for the Citadel and everything it represents. So the first time she looks at us, we see the way she looks at her enemies.

What’s the last time she looks directly at us? Oh right.

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