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Making a difference where it is most needed

Instead of putting “America First” (or “Australia First”, or “Your-white-privileged-location First”), it is great to see people focusing on how to help other parts of the world. An example is a new program, run out from Australia, UK, and the US, that will improve living conditions in slums in Fiji and Indonesia.

Poor access to clean water and bad sanitation are common in slums. Water-borne diseases are prevalent, especially in low-lying areas. And conventional planning approaches to improve these aspects can often just result in slum clearing, displacing the people, and creating other slums elsewhere.

A 5-year project, funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Asian Development Bank, will use alternative water management processes, and involve local community consultation in the design. Medical researchers will be part of the multi-disciplinary team, helping assess how health outcomes are improved.

This is my second post of a planned series, focusing on how responsible governments, communities and citizens should behave in love and support. It is a deliberate counterpoint to the chaos of fear and hate looming in many Western governments, but most notoriously of late, in the Trump maladministration.

For more details of the project:

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