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Casual reminder that he is still elitist af. Theater is not accessible. Past theater is even less accessible. The day he releases an official DVD is the day people stop posting bootlegs.

its not being elitist..wtf. you go to ANY theater show, ANY caliber of talent and the rules still fucking apply. if you knew anything about theater, the material is copy written and its illegal to film ANY theater show where the material is distributed by a licensing company. don’t come for Lin’s life because he respects the craft of theater. as any true theater person would know..its about respect. you dont even have to be a “true theater person” its fucking common sense. and never mind the disruption it causes the actors and other audience members (LOTS of disruption), its fucking ILLEGAL. so fuck you for thinking anything about Lin when it’s much bigger than him

Side note to @hamiltonandfluff: If you actually believe the day an official DVD is released is the day people stop posting bootlegs, then… you believe at least one manifestly untrue thing. The day an official DVD is released is the day posting of bootleg goes up by at least an order of magnitude, maybe two.

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