Hi there! It’s your Poe party secret santa! Sorry I havent sent anything these past few days, I’ve been swamped with school. Anyways, I watched the video you included in one of the previous asks and enjoyed hearing your thoughts about the book. The location of the videos was quite lovely as well. As for your gift, is there anything a certain type of gift you want? If so, please let me know!

I’m quite flexible as to what sort of creation you create; I’m sure I’ll be excited with anything. I assume you got my prompt, which was “Edgar’s truest friend”; how you interpret that is also completely up to you. I made it somewhat vague, I realize, but I hope that gives you room to do something that you find enjoyable.

Thank you for your nice comments about the video. It is lovely here; I just got back from a long walk during which I leveled up in Pokemon in the midst of ridiculously pretty scenery.

I hope your holiday season (if this is a holiday season for you) is going well. Talk to you later!

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