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My real worry re: Trump vs. Pence? Pence will actually get things done. Trump is lazy and inept and just wants to stir shit up. I think your worry is valid and all of that worries me too. But I think there is some chance Trump is actually the lesser of two evils. I don’t think he believes most of what he says. (Not sure he believes in anything but himself) and Pence does. But South Korea could probably easily provoke Trump into doing something idiotic. It’s all bad.

Yeah. Of course, it’s not enough to assess the odds of whether [redacted] might turn out to be a lesser evil; one also has to deal with the relative consequences of the ways in which each might turn out to be evil.

On the theory that his incompetence could mean he’ll just fail, including failing at doing objectively bad things, yeah, that could be a silver lining. On the other hand, I believe the federal government has important things to do that are in the public interest. If an incompetent administration could be relied on only to fuck up the bad things while still achieving the good I’d be a lot happier about their capacity for failure.

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A year or so ago, in the midst of Bernie fever, I was talking to husband about the possibility of Trump as president and I estimated the likelihood of him using nukes in a 4 year term as about 20%. Now, with more information, I can’t help but feel that was conservative. So yeah, they should impeach.

Yeah. I don’t mean to over-simplify things; the ways in which stuff could go horribly wrong are a continuum, not an evenly cleaving pair of apocalyptic-vs.-merely-horrible. And I also don’t want to immediately jump to predictions of the worst possible outcome. There will be many much more mundane battles to be fought either way. But at least for me, the way I’m thinking today, I’d take President Pence in return for keeping He Who Can’t Be Named as far away from power as possible.

Not that it’s a choice I’m likely to have any time soon. This is just me working through my personal value system as I try to process what’s happening.

anonsally replied to your linkWe should be impeaching him now. But we’re not.


In thematically related news, it’s finally getting cold at night after that unseasonal warm spell we were having. I hope you, Poppet, and Widget are keeping warm.

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