Poe Party Feature Length Screening!






We are excited to announce that #PoeParty will be shown on the big screen in its entirety on November 4th at the historic Vista Theater in Los Angeles! We hope to see some of you there in your best Old Hollywood attire. 

AHH! I’ll definitely be going! Who else?!?!

I’m trying to figure out if there’s any way I can do this. Unfortunately I live a couple of hours away, have a docent tour at 10 the next morning, and am not as good at shrugging off sleep deprivation as I used to be. But I’m thinking about it…

I came to my senses and decided I really had to be there. So I’m going! 🙂

I’ll be cosplaying as a stache-less Poe – in the sense that I’ll be rocking my best socially-awkward, lacking-in-corporeal-friends vibe. But seriously, I just really wanted to be there.

Update: I’ll be paying a price when I have to get up in a few hours. But it was SO worth it! 😄

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