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“Actually, it was Annabel who told me who to invite.”

Look at that face!! Tell me that isn’t a sudden-and-horrible-realisation face.

seriously! i was so confused when other people talked about ~how guilty~ she was! that’s the face of a woman realizing she’s been duped, not a woman being found out!!!!

Exactly! She does look at the other people in the room a couple of times, but mostly her focus is internal: staring intently into space, looking down, that eyebrow-pucker in the second gif.

If this were a guilty person who’d been found out I’d expect her to be more focused on her surroundings, the other people in the room, glancing nervously from face to face or working to sell some previously-worked-out deception. (*cough* Charlotte *cough*)

But she’s not doing those things. Instead, she’s processing some new and shocking-to-her insight. What led her to that insight? I’m pretty sure it’s the Lenore line I quoted in the gifset’s caption. Because what Annabel knows, but most of the others don’t know, is where she got that invite list.

I think she got it from Eddie. Which makes Charlotte’s line just before Annabel runs from the room significant too: “And you somehow pretend you didn’t know all this information about your boyfriend!”

Charlotte can’t stop herself from twisting the knife. Because of course she knows that Annabel didn’t know about Eddie’s secrets. As she has throughout the show, when she’s always had a little extra venom in her Annabel-directed insults, Charlotte can’t help but crow a little, can’t quite conceal the inner exultation she feels at knowing that it actually is she who is in love with – and in league with – the dashing (and murderous) Eduardo Dantes.

I think that’s what Annabel puts together in this moment. I think that look of fear on her face just before she runs from the room isn’t fear at the others having found her out. It’s fear at finding herself in the presence of the killer, a killer who has suddenly gone from a vague, abstract menace to one that is frighteningly real and present.

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