Also, kudos for being an early enough adopter to get the username “lies”!

It’s a funny thing, but I actually haven’t been around as long as it appears (at least, not on tumblr). Getting the ‘lies’ tumblr URL was just dumb luck. Someone must have dumped it or had it taken away or something at just the right time such that it was available when I joined the site. It was the first name I tried. Weird, huh?

Owning the domain name, though: that took getting up pretty early in the morning, so to speak. But these days I mostly just use that as a place to archive my tumblr content against the day yahoo decides they want it all back.

Also kind of funny to me: kids used to bug me all the time to ask if I’d give them the lies tumblr URL. But they’ve stopped doing that. I think they’ve found better things to covet. Good for them.

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