Post-Ch.-7 Poe Party theories

After a cut partly because in the (highly unlikely, based on my track record) event these turn out to be correct they could be deemed spoilers, but mostly because followers who aren’t into PoeParty are putting up with a lot already.

I’m in the dead-Eddie-isn’t-dead camp. I think he’s popping up and down from the basement (via the elevator, or via as-yet-undiscovered secret passageways, or just via the stairs when no one’s looking) to do at least some of the killing.

I think he has a confederate among the party guests, and I think that confederate is Charlotte. There’s a lot about Charlotte that’s suspicious (besides her knowing Eddie, which tbh is true of pretty much all of them). At key moments, though, she’s intervened to guide others’ action and/or direct suspicion away from herself:

  • She’s the one who confirmed Eddie as being dead. She was lying.
  • She identifies the wet handkerchief taken from Louisa May’s mouth, monogrammed “A” + Bell, as implicating Annabel. It seems more likely the handkerchief was owned by Charlotte’s dead middle sister Anne, who wrote under the pseudonym “Acton Bell”.
  • Charlotte’s revelation about how dashing Eduardo Dantes was and how she would be the one to be romantically linked with him is the only time she really lets go and stops being snarky and/or accusatory toward the others. She’s caught up in the story because it’s actually true: she really is in love with, and has a relationship with, the dashing Eduardo Dantes.
  • Charlotte supported Mary’s desire to fetch help, but then, as Mary was about to leave via the same route as Louisa May, it was Charlotte who got her to change direction (”I’m not going that way. As we have seen, that way lies certain death.”) In hindsight, Charlotte engineered Mary’s death.
  • Charlotte had a perfect opportunity to kill Fyodor. He was turned away from her, reading the book. He didn’t see her approaching with the axe.
  • During the séance, when the authors have stopped quoting themselves and Guy is giving cryptic but plot-significant warnings, he points and says, “She is not able!” At least, that’s how I took it at first. But now I realize that he was saying, “She is not A. Bell!” I think he was pointing at Annabel, and is clearing her from the charge of being connected with dead-Louisa’s handkerchief.
  • After that, Guy says, “The past comes into the present. The one who kills for sport. The one… who couldn’t bring me back. Beware.” And then… Charlotte sneezes directly onto the candle, extinguishing it and ending the séance. She was stopping him from revealing the true killer. I’m not sure what the rest of that meant, but I’m sure we’ll be finding out in the next few episodes. (Only four left! Eek!)
  • I think end-game will revolve around Annabel (whom I confess I’ve been suspicious of from the beginning, but whom I now believe to be as beautiful and innocent and beautiful as she appears). She’s going to be Eddie and Charlotte’s final intended victim, but Edgar will heroically save her and win her affection at last. Huzzah!
  • Also, wellenore. All the wellenore forever. I’m not saying that’s the solution of the mystery. It’s just what I want.

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