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Patty Tolan introducing herself by telling everyone a weird fact about history. Patty Tolan supplying a car because it makes more sense than lugging all the heavy equipment around by hand. Patty Tolan being the one who makes first contact with the antagonist. Patty Tolan yelling at them about the fast-approaching train and hauling them all out of danger. Patty Tolan joining the Ghostbusters because she thought it would be more like a book club where they could talk about history. Patty Tolan making sure everyone eats a sandwich because “low blood sugar is serious.” Patty Tolan supplying the uniforms to make sure they don’t get slimed again. Patty Tolan saying “Uh-huh. Room full of nightmares. Not going in there.” Patty Tolan keeping Holtzmann in line so she doesn’t kill everyone in a 20 foot radius with her experiments. Patty Tolan being emotionally supportive and understanding of Erin when she tells the “ghost girl” story. Patty Tolan knowing instantly the history of the Mercado hotel, confirming their suspicions about lay lines and identifying Rowan as the culprit. Patty Tolan catching Holtzmann before she falls out the window and then fighting possessed Abby one-handed. Patty Tolan slapping Rowan out of Abby. Patty Tolan constantly saving Holtzmann’s life in the Times Square battle and yelling “I got you baby!” and “Holtzy, get down!” at different points. Patty Tolan screaming “nobody hurts Kevin! Nobody!”. Patty Tolan having the idea to use the car to close the portal. Patty Tolan hauling Erin and Abby out of that portal before it closes. Patty Tolan being a nerdy, mild-mannered, easily frightened MTA worker whose practicality, encyclopaedic knowledge of history and instinctive protectiveness of her friends ends up saving New York and stopping the apocalypse. Patty. Tolan.

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