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My POB (Pokemon Order of Battle)

Until recently I had been quite boring, and left all my Pokemons with their default names.

I was whinging later about how you need to open them to check their attack types, when my son suggested including this in their name. Brilliant! But then I imagined having one of these sitting in a gym, and how it would be pretty obvious and detrimental to call my Kangastan “NormalGround”.
Solution? Use a locally obscure language like Latvian to encode them. Above you see the result. If the fast and charge are the same, I just use the one type.

So, a puzzle for you guys. It should be easy to work out some of the above words (e.g. which one means “Flying”?) How many can you guess?

This is awesome. You don’t need to worry about other people seeing the nicknames you’ve assigned, though, since those are only visible to you. Other players seeing your Pokémon in gyms only see their default names.

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