personalspaceshow: After day three of the set build….


After day three of the set build.

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On the one hand, I’m 100% down with obsessing about making everything about Overture as perfect as possible. On the other hand, seeing Tom so committed to having projected stars rather than just using green screen to do it in post makes me a little worried that it could become a white whale that takes him down, Ahab-like, when there are umpteen other problems in greater need of harpooning.

On the third hand, it _would_ be awfully cool for the actors to have the correct star field realistically rotating outside the window to help them inhabit their roles. On the fourth hand, it’s not like the need for problem-solving like this is unusual; it’s just that they’re giving more real-time visibility into it than I’d normally see with a non-crowdfunded production.

On the fifth hand, the few glimpses I’ve had are starting to look really cool. On the sixth hand, how fun is it to imagine aliens with six hands?


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