afremov-art: Meeting in the water. The Captioner:Is the…


Meeting in the water.

The Captioner:

Is the AP flag still up? (a few seconds later) Yup. Still up.

j/k. The Captioner for reals:

“Something Special” by photographer Larry Gallier, showing the postponed start of the Des Moines January Regatta, January 2, 2010. From an accompanying shot:

Last Saturday, after I took the dogs for their walk, I drove past the Des Moines Marina to see if anything was going on. Turns out there were fifty boats out in the water with their sails out, but no wind. It was a wonderful, mostly overcast morning, very mild temperatures, but not wonderful if you had your sailboat out for a race. Anyway I drove back to the house, dropped the dogs off, and grabbed my camera, went back down to the marina and the boats hadn’t moved at all. When the sun broke out, low in the southern horizon, and light up the sails, I got this shot.

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