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Our visual effects model of Overture contains more than 10 million polygons.

What Happened to Overture?

The top view is the most-detailed image they’ve released so far (I think?). I haven’t been able to find a similarly high-res version of the side view; hopefully one will be released at some point.

If you pan around the top view at maximum zoom there’s an area I haven’t talked about yet that I find really interesting:

There are two things I wonder about:

  • What are those four nubbins, sitting in two groups of two on the upper/inner surface of that pod in the inner (smaller) donut? Using the shuttle for scale, each individual nubbin appears to be about 10-15 feet square. There’s interesting detail visible all over the ship, but the nubbins are unique in that they appear to be jury-rigged, something plopped on after the fact, rather than being part of the ship’s original design. 
  • Why the red? It’s the only area on the ship that has that color. Everything else is consistently blue/gray/black. I doubt it’s a coincidence that the one place on the ship that has the odd-looking nubbins also has this anomalous color.

Here’s the same area, viewed (at lower res, sadly) from the side view:

You can see that the reddish color isn’t just on the inner-donut pod. It’s also on the adjacent part of the central hub and the gantry that extends out from it.

My guess is that this is all going to turn out to be story-relevant. Maybe the red coloring is a residue from some kind of impact or accidental breach that let material from inside the ship escape and accumulate on its outer surface, with the nubbins being related in some way to the repair. Part of the drama the show’s creators have hinted at involves King being unwilling to relinquish command to his youthful, untested counterpart Gartner, because of concerns that the ship won’t be safe in her hands. Maybe a dramatic accident that played out during first shift was part of what makes him feel that way, and the nubbins and red coloring are a legacy of the incident.

I wonder what first-shift Engineer Lipschitz (now in cryo) knows about that. I wonder what second-shift engineer Freeman knows about it.

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