I tried using Google image search to find the photographer, but…

I tried using Google image search to find the photographer, but failed. The effort did lead me to a Chinese-language page on which a large version of the image appears; according to Google Translate the accompanying text says:

To Youth

I do not know what the road ahead to where you want to bring their own. What they did not want to seize what is caught. Like the flesh collision with the outside world as the opposition, does the world I am the only one who feels strange. As if in pursuit of what they can not find what ah. My heart is made ​​of glass do, and why some people respond to certain heart hurts. Why not learn social institutions hand Wan, they are stupid it . I came into the world of object Yes… .

In the youth of those years, countless infinite loop problem, fishes continuously concatenated into line, coating line yourself, see also get out of the puzzle. . And he really going there. Such youthful sadness and beauty, to reflect a new sense of slough director hand to shoot a movie. Perhaps no one knows whether the problem is the answer. But we are beginning to understand something. as well as. We started cause. green. spring.

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