connie-awanderingsoul: I think this is aSays Phoebe. That is…


I think this is a Say’s Phoebe. That is a interesting name. 

From the Wikipedia entry on Thomas Say:

In 1819–20, Major Stephen Harriman Long led an exploration to the Rocky Mountains and the tributaries of the Missouri River, with Say as zoologist. Their official account of this expedition included the first descriptions of the coyote, swift fox, western kingbird, band-tailed pigeon, rock wren, Say’s phoebe, lesser goldfinch, lark sparrow, lazuli bunting and orange-crowned warbler.

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Tags: well, just, thomas say, say's phoebe, he was a pretty interesting guy, which I didn't realize, until I looked him up for this post, so: go thomas say, go connie, go say's phoebes, i knew say's phoebes were cool already, that chest/belly color combo, has always just worked for me, when I think about why i'm so into birds, which is an actual thing I've thought about more than once, the pure aesthetics of if, oh wow that bird is so pretty, is a big part of it, and say's phoebe is exhibit A.

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