So there’s only one channel in this motel,


This morning while I was getting ready I was watching Sesame Street.

They were doing this bit where some clown was trying to wash his hands but kept washing his feet or his elbows and Elmo would go, “no mister noodle, your HANDS!” and all the tv kids would laugh.

Around the fourth or fifth time he couldn’t find his hands, I heard a grown man yell from somewhere else in the motel, “GODDAMMIT, MR. NOODLE.”

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Tags: also, so, this is one of my favorite posts ever, I believe it now has the distinction, of being the first post I have ever willingly reblogged not once, not twice, but thrice, I know it's not just me, because I read this out loud to my partner in crime yesterday, and even tho she has a longstanding bias against most things tumblr, she lol'd, take that, and srsly, goddammit mr. noodle.

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