Brandon Stanton and Lin-Manuel Miranda



A few years ago the blog Humans of New York posted a picture of Lin Manuel Miranda, his wife, and their baby the day after he was born.

Tonight I had the opportunity to hear a speech by Brandon Stanton, and was fortunate to be able to ask him about this photo.

After In The Heights was on Broadway, and in the six year Lin had disappeared to work on Hamilton, Lin messaged Stanton on twitter, telling him that if he was ever in Washington Heights. Stanton didn’t know who he was, but kept it in his mind.

A little while later, Stanton was in Washington Heights, and in need of a Spanish Translator.  So he messaged Lin on Twitter, seeing if he was around.

That was the day that Lin and his wife had returned with their son from the hospital, and that is the story behind the photo.

Stanton didn’t know who Lin was at the time, but he does now.

That’s true.

Nobody plays “quietly work Hamilton lyrics into every conversation” better than @linmanuel.

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