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@acethyst since you were talking about first gay crushes earlier and I remembered I still had this. 13 to me trekked down to the local library and spent hours browsing pics of Miranda Otto for this, over the course of several weeks or maybe even months idk it was a long project…prolly could have made two or three collages with all the pics I’d printed out by the end XD but I only had one cork board….I sharpied the wood frame black to match the monochrome aesthetic, and several years later when the scotch tape sticking each pic down began to peel, sprayed it down with some aerosol decoupage. It’s peeling p bad now, I should probably fix it up :/ BUT I’M AN ADULT NOW AND THIS HANGS UP IN THE HOUSE I PAY TO LIVE IN bc why the fuck not? (albeit in the storage cubby above my funko pop boxes but hey it’s a tiny house) but yeah lol my first love, so precious, so gorgeous, pls protect her :3

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