Laws: I want to go back and talk about the use of natural light,…

Laws: I want to go back and talk about the use of natural light, because I don’t think people understand how difficult that is to do in a movie. Especially when you’re shooting at night. 

Lubezki: It’s very hard. And it’s hard if you don’t have the support of the studio and the producers and the actors and more than anything the director. This can only happen because the director is convinced that this is an elemental part of the storytelling. The light is almost like a fabric that is underneath the whole movie, that contains everything, that gives it the mood. It’s like the broth that contains the soup. I’m not saying it’s the most important thing; everything is as important. But it does determine the mood and the atmosphere of a scene more than anything. So many directors and so many filmmakers just use it to be able to see, without giving it the importance that it has dramatically. And Alejandro believes that light is an important element in the drama, in the creation of this world.


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