so i made a patreon


It’s generally a writing patreon. Well, just read more about it here, if you want.

I’ve been putting off launching it because I kept thinking to myself, “fuck, you know, I should really write something to launch it with,” and combing through the archives of things I’ve already written to see if any of them would do.

But the kind of prose I do, I’m not accustomed to doing under my own name. I don’t like it being public. That’s why it’s behind a (low $ amount) locked tier on patreon. It’s usually experimental and rough and more emotional than I’m generally comfortable with displaying on social media anymore.

If you know me, you know my work. You know if you like it. You know if you want to support it. If you must sample my prose, there’s always, for now.

But if you’re into shit I write and make, feel free to take a look at this. I’d really like to spend more time writing, and I’d really like to work towards having a source of funds to shoot more of my own work. Hypothetically, if you like my stuff, you’d like those things to happen, too.

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