nomorelittlewhitegloves: A crescent Moon being photobombed…


A crescent Moon being photobombed by a crescent Venus

(Image by Pál Váradi Nagy)

Attention Tumblr: The photographer has emailed me to complain that his caption for the original image is not being distributed with this version. This is problematic in that the caption reveals that this is a composite image, in which Venus has been moved much closer to the moon than the two bodies actually were in the original. See: A Brief Notice About My Crescents Picture.

It’s an interesting example of the “Tumblr lies” thing, in that it’s tough to spot the deception, since there’s no particular reason to be suspicious that this doesn’t depict an actual close conjunction/occultation. But still; a post with a cool-but-deceptive caption wins out over the truth. Again. For shame @nomorelittlewhitegloves (unless you were yourself deceived by someone upstream from whom you took your caption, though in that case you’re guilty of not crediting whomever that was, so for shame yet again).

But also shame on me for passing it on and adding to global wrongness.

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