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A few notes:

  • Do this for every informative/news-related post you want to reblog. The fewer reblogs a false report gets, the less it spreads.
  • The best thing you can do for a false report is not reblog it at all, OR start your own post to debunk it, with a link to the original. If you reblog to debunk it, your reply will get lost in the huge amount of notes, and you will just end up spreading the misinformation further.
  • Sometimes a totally unlikely story turns out to be true! It’s even more fun to reblog it when you’ve confirmed that it’s real.

We all slip up sometimes but hey do what you can folks. Only you can prevent Tumblr fires.

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Tags: tumblr lies, but still, this post is so me, but also, the idea that you can help stop the spread of misinformation on tumblr, is akin to the notion that you can slow a passing train, by standing next to the track, pursing your lips, and blowing forcefully, your own little piece of tumblr, can be more informative and less conducive to the spread of woo, go you!, thanks to windandwater, for this as for many other cool things.

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