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The Last Earthrise Seen by Human Eyes: the Crew of Apollo 17 Saw this Sight on December 16th, 1972 while on their Return Trajectory from the Moon


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Tags: okay, i forget sometimes that the apollo era was so brief, a dozen people walked on the moon, six more made the trip and circled over them in the command module, it all happened between july 1969 and december 1972, i was 7 years old when it started, 10 years old when it ended, i remember the sense of collective wonder when it started, and I remember the sense of routine that set in, and that led so quickly to the cancellation of the later flights, we went to the moon, what else is on tv?, and so it ended, i remember imagining the future, i'd think about how old I'd be in 2000, I'd be 38, holy crap that seemed old, i never thought about 2015, that was a future so far in the future as to be unimaginable, so much possibility, such big dreams, and here I am, looking back at this photo, if I could give these feelings, to 10-year-old me, would I do it?, he got to live the experience, I get to know what it meant, what would it be like, to do both at the same time.

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