anonsally: @marykatewiles’ Mr. Collins voice!!! It is a thing of beauty and hilarity. I’m now 5.5…


@marykatewiles’ Mr. Collins voice!!! It is a thing of beauty and hilarity. 

I’m now 5.5 hours in, and I think that we have passed Lydia’s lowest point. Whew. That was rough. 

I think we’re listening at roughly the same pace. I just heard that part too. It was easier for me to consume large amounts of audiobook when I was doing a ridiculous mega-commute for work. I much prefer my life now, but listening to an unabridged novel takes longer.

Mr. Collins was hilarious. And overall, she’s doing such a great job with the reading. It’s occasionally a little tricky to tell what’s something Lydia’s character is saying out loud versus what’s something she’s observing to herself in her head, but that’s more Rachel and/or Kate’s fault, I think, for using that approach as much as they did, and it always ends up being clear from the subsequent context.

But besides having the various character voices so distinctive and recognizable and believable, her ability to audibly act the emotions of what Lydia is going through is wonderful. Without even knowing where it’s going to end up, I already know that this is SO MUCH the telling of the story that this character deserved, in the hands of the people who cared enough to give it to her, without the constraints of time/budget/creative vision/whatever it was that prevented that from happening before.

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