Reblog if you’re over 20 and still read/write fan fiction.















I’m curious!

So far over 20…

Is there a deadline?

The implications of this make me sad. 

what is that supposed to mean?? That when you’re over 20 your imagination is supposed to run dry?? Oh sweet summer child, you don’t want to challenge the power of imagination of a twentysomething… thritysomething… fortysomething. It gets mor colorful than your wildest dreams.

I have the feeling that someone might have told the OP that she was too old to still be writing fic.  Pfffft.  Let me tell you something. Once you start writing and reading fanfiction, YOU NEVER STOP.  

You will pry fic from my cold, dead, mid-20s aged hands.

Once you go fic, you never go back. I’ll be 26 next week. B)

33 and reading. How could you stop, when you realize that fanfic is superior to so many published novels our there AND FREE?

ok, shit, i guess i have to do it. I am over 40… I still don’t believe it myself. And I have never written/read as much fic as I have in the past year.

Always remember that our culture discourages adult women from doing things for their own enjoyment. Adult women are meant to spend their leisure time caring for men and children and doing labour to make themselves look more attractive. 

Reading and writing fanfiction is something women do only to please themselves. Adult women pleasing themselves is dangerous to a society that relies upon the unpaid labour of women.

I am 42. 

Reading and writing.

I’d go so far as to characterize fandom for adult women as a kind of rebellion. For the most part, society allows men to play with their fannish loves their whole lives–whether that means collecting comic books or painting themselves team colors and game day. Women, however, are supposed to “grow out of” purely having fun–particularly when that fun is primarily created and consumed by and with other women. 

Also, fandom is a leisure pursuit where women of all ages frequently interact (whether we know it or not)–which is too rare. We openly admit to *just goofing off* in order to enjoy ourselves – and do you realize how rare that is for women to speak about in our culture, much less embrace? Even in social media posts about being lazy, we’re supposed to be putting ourselves down, to some degree, but in fandom, spending the whole day writing or reading fic is something to be celebrated. It’s awesome.

Oh, and I’m 45. 

Twice 20 and then some. I only discovered fanfic recently!

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Tags: anyway, and I don't know, I don't know, not sure exactly what all the steps were, that led me to being mostly a fan of things women are mostly a fan of, I get into dude things like sports too, but mostly these days it's things like art and fashion and literary webseries and musicals and dance, it just resonates more deeply with me than male-skewed pursuits, and somehow along with that, I fell into woman-skewing fandom, and it's opened my eyes to a parallel world I didn't really see before, things like beautiful amazing fic, and the aesthetic judgments and commentary of women, when operating in a sphere that isn't oppressively dominated by men, I feel really lucky that the anonymizing effects of the net, have let me experience that, a short while ago in an exchange of messages, with a woman whose fan works I'm in awe of, I realized in passing that she had assumed I was female, I didn't correct her, because it really wasn't any of my business to mansplain to her about it, but for a moment it felt, , not in a trans/dysphoria sense, I don't want to be a woman, or see myself as one, but it was nice for a moment, just to be able to relax and exist in that space, I feel grateful to be able to read fic, 53.

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