CLICK HERE to support IN THE DARK: A Gay Horror Film

CLICK HERE to support IN THE DARK: A Gay Horror Film:



IN THE DARK is almost 50% funded! There’s a whole week left, and I think possibly another livestream in the works, so this is starting to look really excitingly feasible. Please donate! It’s my birthday soon DONATE FOR MY BIRTHDAY. Or alternatively, send me a prompt and i’ll write you a thing. If you know my fandoms/ships you’ll know what I do and don’t tend to write, but I will happily give anything a go if you want me to! I’m not gonna go all technical and put in donation levels/word counts, but if you give a few dollars I’ll write you a little something and if you give a lot of dollars I’ll TRY MY UTMOST to write you a big something. 

PLEASE GIVE MONEY TO IN THE DARK: A GAY HORROR FILM written and directed by rachelkiley and produced by wmilam. Queer ladies! Zombie apocalypse! Angst! Drama! Partnership with The Walking Dead! A really cool Halloween-y set at the YouTube Space in LA! Paying people for working on a YouTube project! WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE.

Feel free to send me an ask with your prompt(s)

Aww, this is super sweet. Thank you!

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Tags: I went and gave a little more, not sure what they're going to do if they don't make the goal, hopefully they'll hold their noses and go forward, while paying people a little less, even though, granted, rachel was really clear that $5K was the minimum she'd be comfortable doing it for, so who knows.

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