methedras: this is the best thing i’ve ever made 


this is the best thing i’ve ever made 

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Tags: so must reblog, would recommend, i did in fact lol, i know it's a heavy scene, and i know bernard hill was really into it, because it was his suggestion, growing out of an experience he had working on titanic, (i think is how that story went?), but it's always kind of bugged me as a scene, which is 98% my fault for being the kind of person, who read lotr end-to-end out loud, multiple times, before the movies existed, so every line that was something of tolkien's made my day, even when it was being repurposed, to appear in a different scene, or in the mouth of a different character, but then, when anything was being said, that wasn't actually tolkien, i was always hyper aware, and judge-y, so I was bracing myself for that line, and then got the joke instead, a+ humor methedras.

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