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I randomly want to see groundhog day fic in Fury Road but have no idea what that would even look like.

oh my god, here’s an idea: the events of the movie are the final day in a Groundhog’s Day loop…FROM CHEEDO’S PERSPECTIVE. 

She broke the loop by helping Furiosa up onto Joe’s car. 

how many days did she spend trying to save angharad?, how many times did she make it to the green place?, fuuuuuuck i NEED to write this. (via mazarinedrake)




Oh my god THAT’s why she’s willing to sacrifice her crew, because she’s tried any variation of telling them, of asking their help, and there’s always somehow a weak link, they’re not good at secrets, at acting. They don’t even come away from the Citadel, or her crew is suddenly replaced by Joe, or she’s taken off the War Rig, or– In desperation she tries not telling them one time, and it’s gut-wrenching, but then she gets much further, and now she has to get them killed over and over again, punch Ace off of her running board like he’s one of the Wretched over and over again–

She only ever reaches the other Vuvalini once, on their final run, which is why it was so crushing when she found out that there were only a few left, and that her home was gone.  The run through we saw was the furthest she ever got, after hundreds of times watching her crew and the sisters die in different ways.  Maybe she even killed Max many times before, or left him to die in the desert.    


*claws at face*

And he never once told her his name.

#mad max: fury road#holy shit#like this is so good#and furiosa definitely has to be the one relieving it#its why when she asks max about angharad she keeps going#because she keeps a running tally in her head#how many lost#how many down#maybe its like the edge of tomorrow#every time she dies its resets if she doesnt hit a certain point time wise#and so sometimes she just spends literal days doing nothing#runs out into the desert and screams and kicks and cries#shoots joe in the face with a shotgun only that restarts things sooner#sets the citadel on fire#sometimes she just sleeps#days at a time#because who cares really#and then sometimes its days of the same thing over and over#she convinces max 100 times to let them back in the rig#sometimes shes so tired she cant remember which ones work and which ones dont#god this is amazing you people are the greatest fandom ever#just when i feel tired this shit renews me (fuckyeahisawthat)

Graphic descriptions of violence and a ton of angst under the cut and holy shit I should not be allowed to write:

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Oh my goddddddddddddd ilu

*helplessly raises hands into the air*


OH GOD, WHYYY, she can never make him stay, SCREAMS INTO THE VOID, but wait there’s more, what if in one of those versions, Furiosa tells Max she loves him, and he doesn’t remember,even that wasn’t enough to make him stay, brb crying into the back of my chair with my ass towards the ceiling, you can completely ignore me I’m just torturing myself with this. (via bassfanimation)

What. Make him stay?? That would probably make him run faster, especially given the ‘I just known you for three days’ thing and ‘who is this wierdo’ and ‘wtf is there about me to like, they’re clearly looking for something’ and ‘what the hell kind of person even says those things’, and y’know, instant escalation of doubt and distrust.

But what if more things happened in one of those runs than just what we saw.  Is what I’m getting at.  

But wait…what if the new loop doesn’t restart with him offering her his hand on the Plains of Silence? What if it starts with “can I talk to you?”

That means she’s had endless versions of this conversation. That little half-smile she has on her face when he says “I’ll make my own way” is because she already knows he’s going to say that. Because he says that every time.

Maybe she learns that if she’s too honest about wanting him to stay, it scares him off and he doesn’t come back the next morning. In some of those versions, they ride across the salt until they run out of food and water. In others, someone figures out they have to go back–maybe Furiosa figures it out herself, or Val suggests it, or Toast does, or Nux and Capable have been talking on the back of their bike and come up with the idea. But it never works without him there.

Then, one time, almost by chance, she says the right thing and he catches up to them the next morning, and they get much further, and she realizes, oh. She can never make him stay, but if she’s cautious and lucky, he’ll figure it out himself and come back to her. It’s still a hard day, a really hard day, and she does it hundreds of times over, and she always dies, but slowly she learns all the other pieces that have to fall in place.

She doesn’t realize until the last time through that the reason he needs to be there is not as an extra fighter, although that helps, but so he can give her his blood and keep her alive to reach the Citadel. Because the part at the Citadel never works without her.

And she still can’t make him stay.

#fury road #Fury Road Groundhog Day AU #The Thing The Fury Road Fandom Wrote Together #well #wrote-ish #more like headcanoned in the fervent hope somebody else would write it #maybe we should stick it on AO3 anyway #I want this to be preserved (via primarybufferpanel)

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