halloweden: went to the Getty with jackiecwantsablackeye…


went to the Getty with jackiecwantsablackeye today
saw a Lawrence Alma Tadema (one of my all time fave artists) painting irl for the first time ever which was cool since that artist was one that made me want to study art history. I bought a print of that and also Walk at Dusk another specific painting that first got me interested in researching art. I didn’t see that painting today but it caught my interest the first (and only other) time I was at the Getty about four years ago. Caspar David Friedrich is another one of my faves still to this day

also bonus pic of us with a Getty trashcan a girl took of us 💯😎

You got A Walk at Dusk! I’m totally envious. I remember how excited I was when I was able to use planetarium software to figure out the specific date when Friedrich probably saw the conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter that he painted.

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