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Blessed Angharad, who fell from the Great War Rig, who gave her life so that others could live.

#okay so the sisters are going to talk about angharad when they get back when the citadel is being rebuilt#and i like the idea of her becoming a figure people think are watching over them#patron of the lost and the suffering#patron of rape victims and self harmers and pacifists and childbearing#invoked by war boys in the late hours when they’re feeling the ache of their tumours#her named called out by those suffering in their labour pains#(whispered by capable late late at night because she was the first person to speak her name like a prayer)

it starts when the wives speak of her and her bravery and maternity slowly becomes something revered and not something that makes you breeding stock. angharad becomes a hero in the eyes of the people, but still a very human one.

then the dag gives birth to a healthy baby girl, who grows up a little anxious at times but brave despite it, and it occurs to her that maybe someone was listening after all. angharad slowly but surely grows more holy, yet still human, someone who’s rumoured to walk the citadel at night, kissing the foreheads of war pups and stroking the foreheads of slowly dying war boys, the company of the lonely and the comforter of the lost. and when they die, who else would be there, waiting to embrace them?

so the stories begin. max, the shadow out in the wasteland and the proof of the kindness of strangers. nux, who showed all the war boys what sacrifice and dying for a cause really means. and angharad the splendid, who fell from the great war rig, who gave her life so others could live.

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