wasteland-scraps: I just need to have some Dag appreciation…


I just need to have some Dag appreciation here.

When Max comes after them in the salt plains, she’s already showing so many signs of the person she will become. She has braided and wrapped her hair (reminiscent of the head wrap she has when we first see it, but so different), and in the strands hang a metal disc (looks like copper) and a small jaw bone. Already stylish, a little morbid, and entirely in tune with the Vuvalini aesthetic.

She just takes 10 hours with the old badass ladies to transform into a complete wasteland shaman, and I adore her so much. It’s as if with these people, she finds the person she has been waiting to become, all these years. 

Max found his better self in Furiosa, but I think The Dag’s better self was just always there, waiting for the time when she could become it.

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