yulinkuang: In which I update you on some life things!watch our…


In which I update you on some life things!

watch our Twilight short film, We’ve Met Before, here

vote for our Twilight short film on Tongal here

My VidCon 2015 Schedule:

Thursday, 7/23 @ 2pm | New Opportunities in Storytelling on YouTube
creator track, room 205
with Tim Shey, Julie Ann Crommett, Yulin Kuang, Bernie Su

Come hear from a diverse group of storytellers on how they’ve taken advantage of YouTube and other online platforms to bring their stories to life in powerful, unexpected ways, and how the Internet is creating opportunities for telling different stories and tapping into new audiences with themes and characters that reflect an ever-changing world. Among other topics, this workshop will cover the rise of scripted content and new creative voices on YouTube, and how learning to take into account unconscious biases can open new avenues for collaboration and creative growth.

Friday, 7/24 @ 5pm | Intermix | creator track, room 204
with Emily Diana Ruth, Charlie McDonnell, Bertie Gilbert, Anna Akana, Yulin Kuang, Freddie Wong

Intermix is a micro film festival celebrating what we think is the best in film online. Munch on some hypothetical popcorn while we screen a variety of films found online, as well as chat with an assortment of filmmakers with diverse filmmaking backgrounds about their work & its relationship to the internet. We’re looking to tackle the big questions – how is the internet democratizing filmmaking and how is this affecting us as filmmakers?

Saturday, 7/25 @ 11:30am | Shipwrecked Comedy Meetup!
the grassy knoll by the food trucks
with Sean Persaud, Sinead Persaud, Yulin Kuang

Let us know if you’re coming to our meetup so we know to look out for you! Otherwise Sinead and Sean and I will most likely be found somewhere in a line for garlic fries.

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Tags: so, this reminded me that I hadn't done the Tongal thing to vote for We've Met Before, which wasn't really my thing so much, being a non-Twilight person, and given how it wasn't written by yulin, and therefore was kind of less-yulin-y than other things I've liked more, but on the plus side, it did have a spinny kiss, and that was fun, but in this video, yulin mentioned that if she wins this competition she'll get $100K, and would probably make a movie with it, and that is something super extra double plus to be desired, I did the Tongal thing, and hearted, and 5 stars, my tiny contribution.

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