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Zhao Bo – Lost in the Garden of Eden (Astronaut No. 2) [2011-12] by Gandalf

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Zhao Bo was born in 1974 in Chongqing Sichuan province, a place that has a long tradition of produced many capable and influential artists throughout the ages. His art is a chaos of colour, faces, brands, normal citizens, soldiers, famous characters from T.V. and Disney, consumerism, communism and every thinkable component that make the mega cities of China so loud, dirty, dynamic, diverse and perplexing. This so called Chaos is by no means a flaw in Zhao Bo’s art, on the contrary it is its essence. The strong tension between the different symbolism used in his work gives a strong feeling of irony, craziness, ambiguity and the immense pressure experienced by the urban dwellers of these hyperactive cities.

[Sotheby’s, Hong Kong – Oil on canvas, 170 x 150.1 cm]

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