Could you settle an unresolved query; Is Nux’s face the consequence of deliberate scarification to resemble a skull? or is it just a result of him wearing his ill-fitting, salvaged motorcycle goggles too tight & too frequently thus cutting into the flesh around his nose, cheekbones and temples, In addition to his lips getting severely lacerated by the desert air & wound healing complications? Or a li’l bit of both? …*Discuss*

I believe in the goggles headcanon 100% tbh! I like the idea of Nux and Slit getting their respective injuries at the same time, in the same accident, like Nux crashing the car and having to deal with a passed out Slit and Slit’s injuries being way worse as well.

Anyway, the scars on Nux’s lips tho, I def think that was done to resemble a skull, I see a lot of war boys paint their lips like that with black lines. And we already know from Nux’s scarification that the boy has a very high threshold for pain, like DUDE isn’t that thing intricate AF? And I think he takes a lot of pride in being able to slit his lips (one of the body’s most sensitive organs) to get that look. Like maybe he sometimes feels like war paint isn’t enough and he wants the marks he identifies with to be literally in his skin forever.

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