Reblogging to add a photographer credit: That’s by Roberto Sysa…

Reblogging to add a photographer credit: That’s by Roberto Sysa Moiola.

And yeah, it’s Namibia. More here.

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Tags: i mean, you know, but on the other hand, of two minds about it, I know a lot of people reblog photography without attribution, is this post worse with that info added?, is it somehow aesthetically diminished?, I don't know, but I get curious about photos sometimes, and want to know more, and besides being, non-dickly, sourcing the photographer helps facilitate that, google image search isn't that much of a burden, I guess the you-must-source and the idgaf parts of me should fight, and see who wins, and I guess that's what I do every time an unsourced image crosses my dash, usually idgaf takes it, but once in a while you-must-source gets in a sucker punch when idgaf isn't paying attention, guess this was one of those, mostly because I've been looking at the namib desert a lot lately, A LOT, so it was cool to see an image of it float by in another context.

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