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dad max: fury mom (road trip au) – ‘i will turn this war rig around i swear to god’

You know what tho I have to talk about this because I’d mentioned this in a text post but it’s so much more obvious in a gif how this is the first time that Furiosa and Max is grouped together instead of Furiosa and the Wives. There was that first moment of recognition when they looked at each other during the Buzzard fight, then that first moments of respect during the chain fight and the kill switches and her getting on the Rig.

But look at that second gif where they’re both yelling at the ‘kids in the back’, I’m fairly sure that this is their first two-shot opposite the wives struggling against Nux. And their complete and coordinated exasperation at the situation and understanding.

Drift compatible af.

First two-shot! I love it when you point things like this out.  The non-looped line of Max yelling, “Get off him!” reinforces your concept of the corner they are turning here as well.  

(I assume they did not loop Max’s line as a decision to keep the focus on the thematically important dialog of Nux & the wives, rather than cloud the intent of the scene by also making this moment about Max being derailed from any increased level of threat by the chaos.  His expression tells that story juuust fine – no line of dialog was needed.  Once again, very nice job letting the visuals tell one aspect of the story, and the audio tell the other.)

Can we also talk, briefly, about what Charlize Theron is doing with her right hand in the bottom gif? 

The designers for Furiosa’s prosthetic arm said that the character had things like motors from model airplanes and some basic pneumatic systems and dials and switches in her prosthetic arm so the character could dial up the power on that arm when she needed it.

Pretty sure in that last gif the actor is playing the character dialing the power back down after having grabbed Nux. And I think that’s rad as hell.

Oh wow, I think you’re right. Never noticed that before.

Every second, slow-mo gif’d.

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