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Ok, i announced that i’d post some thoughts here so i better keep that promise, eh?

So i was thinking about the skulls on the war rig – the first thought is of course that these are skulls of defeated enemies. BUT wouldn’t it make much more sense that it’s an incredible honour to be on the war rig after your death?

There’s two possibilities i can think of, either only the higher ranking imperators etc. get a place there or this is a way to redeem/honour war boys who ‘die soft’ because they weren’t ‘lucky enough’ to be grantd die a shiny death.

Plus, in the context of this and the cosplay references going around (with all the stuff that the war boys carry on their pants):
Do you think there would be a clean-up crew after a battle? I mean certainly for salvaging car parts but also…human parts?

So do any of you have thoughts on war boy post-mortem rituals?

I like that. I mean the ultimate death is suicide in battle, which probably doesn’t leave much to be salvaged, but is simply being killed in battle any less respected? The guys were really anxious about Morsov going chrome in his very last moments, but I don’t think it’s a dishonour to just get shot and die.

And possibly the Soft Death isn’t completely unacceptable either, if a War Boy has proved himself in battle enough times. There was a post going around (I forget whooo wroooote iiit so sorry :( ) about their black paint and how the amount used could reflect experience and acoomplishments instead of rank- the Pups are either all white or with just their eyes blackened. Nux has very little black, but he outranks Slit who’s got quite a lot- but Nux is also very worried about dying soft. Possibly because he knows he hasn’t done enough fighting to get into Valhalla.

This is just speculation, right. But I think these guys care a lot about death, I mean that’s clear, they care about everything from the manner of their death to the time of their death to whether anyone sees it- witnesses it. All of them are supposedly at the reaper’s door already, and they never know when it will open.

So the same way Witnessing is extremely important, I think anything done post-mortem would have to be very important as well. There wouldn’t be much weight placed on burial, for example, or on maintaining the same ritual every time, since that’s just impossible to guarantee- sometimes you’re gonna have someone pulverised or crushed into the desert and that has to be good enough.  But I can definitely imagine bones that were salvaged whole being given respect. 

Er…in short…yes? I think those could be honourable skulls?

All excellent points. And they make me think about Nux’s previous battle history, and how he acquits himself battle-wise in the events we see in the movie. He’s a great driver (those J-turns, for example), and the Nux car is the fastest vehicle in the war party. So my headcanon is that Nux is a top-notch mechanic and driver. But he’s not much of a fighter.

He wins the scrum for the handgun magazine and gets it to Max, but he doesn’t hurt any of the wives in the process; doesn’t even try. Max knocks him out of action (for a couple of minutes) with a single punch to the solar plexus. He tries to choke Furiosa with the chain, but is immediately pulled off by the wives, and basically manhandled right out of the cab. Despite the offer to pike Furiosa in the spine (or Joe’s preferred alternative of shooting her), well, we know how that turned out. In the final run through the canyon his only contributions are (crucial and awesome) mechanical work and driving.

Bottom line: Nux occasionally talks tough (“he’s gonna shred her!”), but he’s basically nonviolent. The most physically aggressive thing he does in the whole movie is head-butt Slit for the steering wheel. All he really wants to do is fix things, drive fast, and die historic on the Fury Road.

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