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THE MARTIAN – Ares 3: Farewell 
– introducing the crew

I’m getting cautiously optimistic. I re-read the book after seeing the trailer, and I know a trailer can be cut to craft any impression you want, but the trailer sure sticks close to the book. And this “viral” trailer, which I hadn’t seen until now, again seems consistent.

The most exciting thing about The Martian for me was how it embraced the values of the “hard” sf Andy Weir (and I) grew up with. I know there are problematic things about that genre. But its rules are baked into my story-processing apparatus at a pretty deep level. If you’re going to show me something packaged as science fiction I’m going to measure it against those rules. Too often, movie sf falls short.

Anyone who’s seen movies made from beloved stories knows how badly it can go. But sometimes it can go right. I hope this is one of those times.

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