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Paintings by Caspar David Friedrich (my favourite German Romantic painter)- pt.3/3 Seascapes

  • Northern Sea in the Moonlight– 1824
  • Boats in the Harbour at Evening- c.1828
  • Elbe Ship in the Early Morning Fog- c.1821
  • Beach Scene in Wiek– c.1834
  • Seashore with Shipwreck by Moonlight– c.1825-1830
  • Sea Shore in Moonlight– c.1836
  • Sea Beach in the Fog– 1807
  • Woman on the Beach of Ruegen– 1818
  • Moonrise over the Sea– 1821
  • Wreck in the Moonlight- c.1835

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Tags: I really love friedrich, not just his paintings, but my impression of his life, from the little I've read about him, I think I relate to his melancholy, and his impulse to seek solace in the natural world.

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