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Nux vs. the Wives

1. Did Cheedo not only not try to help Furiosa (who was saving their asses!) but actually tried to hold back the Dag from helping?  :(

2. Knowing that he’s going to be her pet puppy by the end of that day, it’s kinda adorable that Capable couldn’t manage to get the magazine (commonly but incorrectly called a clip) out of Nux’s hand. 

It’s cool being able to study it like this. So yeah, Cheedo is definitely holding the Dag back in the first two gifs, which explains neither of them being present in the scrum (though the Dag does arrive to try to pull Max off Furiosa via the chain in the fifth gif). If you watch the whole fight you can see Cheedo grabbing onto the Dag just prior to this, when the initial struggle over the handgun was happening. That’s after the Dag, who previously helped out by tossing the boltcutters to Furiosa, had drifted back toward her (Cheedo’s) location.

The fight has 15 distinct elements:

  • Max
  • Furiosa
  • Nux
  • the 5 wives
  • the sawed-off shotgun
  • the chain
  • the door
  • the boltcutters
  • the water hose and nozzle
  • the handgun
  • the magazine

It’s like an engine, with all those parts interacting violently and chaotically, but all working to propel the scene toward its conclusion. And despite the chaos it all reads comprehensibly.

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