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I really love that her prosthetic was off for this. Here we are in this world where most action movies just can’t manage to shake the idea that men are always stronger unless circumstances give the woman an exceptional advantage…

…and here we have Max with a gun in his hand legit struggling to overpower a one-armed woman.

Secretly? I really love when the water from the hose splashes the camera lens. I do not know why.

It reminds me of the splatter from the blood pack that “ruined” the take in the battle scene at the end of Children of Men, and Lubezki convincing Cuarón to leave it in. Because on one level, yes, it calls attention to the fact that there’s a camera and lens there, which you’d think would break the illusion. But it’s so much more complicated than that.

We know there’s a lens there. We know it’s an illusion. But our ridiculous brains have been pretending stories are real for as long as we’ve had stories – really, for as long as we’ve had brains. That’s what brains do.

We sat around the campfire listening and watching, and when the storyteller moved her hands and made the sound of the wind we entered into that moment and were moved to tears. It’s not about realism. It’s about authenticity. Not the technical quality of the illusion, but the integrity and sincerity of the telling. That’s where the power comes from.

This fucking movie.

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